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Every Ultimate Dog needs exercise to promote mental and physical health.  Our team of caregivers are trained to maximize your dogs safety and happiness. We use a unique barcode system which notifies you when your walker arrives to your home and upon their departure.  You are even able to view the walk route your dog took! We keep you updated with snapshots of your pets and are able to communicate important information with you, so you stay connected to your Ultimate Dog Walk experience. Please call us to set up a meet and greet with one of our Walkers.  At that time we will get acquainted with your pet and help determine which of our services best matches the needs of your family.

We look forward to your next Walk!


Ultimate Dog Walk

$45 for one hour of undivided attention for your pet.  Walk, play and cuddles will be combined to give a personal experience and meet the unique needs of your Ultimate Dog.


30 Minute Walk

$20 for a 30 min walk or $360 for a pack of 20 walks


60 minute Walk

$30 for an hour walk or $540 for a pack of 20 walks


Ultimate Dog Field Trip

A 2 hour field trip to a unique destination is chosen each week.  Your dog will get the opportunity to explore local parks and trails. Space is limited so sign up in advance for these fun excursions. $55


Cat Time

$20 for a half hour of cuddles, play and scooping


Nail Trim

$16 for a nail trim


*For each additional pet, a $5 charge will be added to your service


 to set an Ultimate Dog Walk appointment
call 971-226-9854 or ultimatedogwalk@gmail.com