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Check out the great selection of toys available at our Salon!
*Delivery Available for MOBILE APPOINTMENTS!

Duraplush Strawberry $12.00

Duraplush Pineapple $12.00

Duraplush Grapes $12.00

Duraplush Potted Flowers $16.00

High Roller Balls (SM or LG) $9.00/$12.00

Hippos (SM or LG) $10.00/$15.00

Turtles (SM or LG) $10.00/$15.00

High Roller Wheel (SM or LG) $11.00/$16.00

Giraffe Plush (OUT OF STOCK)

Wacky Tubeman Plush (SM or LG) $12.00/$16.00

BrewGear Plush Cans $10.00

Caterpillar Plush Coils $16.00